Download a free 30-Day trial of Screen Paver here: Screen Paver (Version 4.8)

Purchase Options

The download above is fully functional and has no limitations other than registration reminder screens, which will be removed once the program has been purchased. Screen Paver is marketed such that you can try out the software before buying it. If after trying Screen Paver you like the program and use it, you must register (purchase) your copy. The single-user cost is $14.95, which registers the software for life, including any future versions you download. Multi-user discounts are also available (see below). Upon receipt of your registration you will be emailed a User Name and Registration Key that will register your copy of Screen Paver and remove the reminder screens.

To purchase online use one of the links in the following table. Once connected to SWREG you will have the options of purchasing through the web by credit card, or by FAX, phone, Proforma invoice, or PayPal.

Credit Cards Accepted

Licensing Options Purchase Links @ SWREG
Single User License -- $14.95 Buy Now - Single User
10-User License -- $85 Buy Now - 10 Users
25-User License -- $155 Buy Now - 25 Users
50-User License -- $240 Buy Now - 50 Users
100-User License -- $330 Buy Now - 100 Users
500-User License -- $560 Buy Now - 500 Users
1000-User License -- $680 Buy Now - 1000 Users
2000-User License -- $785 Buy Now - 2000 Users

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